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Disadvantages of Muslims Who Leave Prayers

The true charity of the first servant will be on the Day of Resurrection is the prayer. If his prayers are good, he will have good luck and salvation. When his prayers are broken, he will regret and lose money.
From Abu Hurairah, he heard the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam say;
إن أول ما يحاسب به العبد يوم القيامة من عمله صلاته فإن صلحت فقد أفلح وأنجح وإن فسدت فقد خاب وخسر فإن انتقص من فريضته شيء قال الرب تبارك وتعالى: انظروا هل لعبدي من تطوع? فيكمل بها ما انتقص من الفريضة ثم يكون سائر عمله على ذلك ". وفي رواية: "ثم الزكاة مثل ذلك ثم تؤخذ الأعمال حسب ذلك
"Indeed, the charity of the first servant will be on the Day of Resurrection is the prayer. If his prayers are good, he will have good luck and salvation. When his prayers are broken, he will regret and lose money. If there is less than obligatory prayer, Allah Tabaroka wa Ta'ala says, 'See if the servant has the practice of sunna prayer?' Then the sunna prayer will complete the obligatory prayers th…

History of Meulaboh City

Meulaboh is the capital of West Aceh District, Aceh Province, Indonesia. The city is located about 175 km southeast of the city of Banda Aceh on the island of Sumatra. Meulaboh is the hometown of National Hero Teuku Umar Johan Pahlawan. Meulaboh is the largest city on the south-west coast of Aceh and one of the most severely affected areas of the tsunami caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake. The work of most Meulaboh residents reflects urban life, trade and services.
Before known as Meulaboh, this former promontory called Pasi Karam. The mention of Meulaboh is allegedly related to its location adjacent to the sea making it a strategic harbor area. In addition, there is also an opinion that the mention of Meulaboh is related to the history of the exodus of a number of Minangkabau residents from West Sumatra who were then under the Dutch colonial grip to a number of points along the western and southern coast of Aceh. In this version, it is narrated that among the large wave…

Movie Review Detektif Conan

This film tells the story of a 17-year-old high school detective who helps the police in solving every case, and one day he is going to the park with his girlfriend ran mouri, as he is walking he sees 2 black-cloaked mysterious members in transactions, Then he followed meraka and left ran in his own park.
When he's doing surveillance, he's a little off guard without seeing the other guy's robe not being with his friend, when he realizes and looks back one of the members knocks him unconscious, and gives a new mysterious poison to develop to kill him, yet Side effects of the drug are not known to members of the syndicate, the toxin causes the body to become small like a child aged 7 years after they leave it. And he was found by the police who were passing patrols, and no one knew that shinichi kudo was small.
To hide his identity and to conduct his investigation. He disguises his name to Edogawa Conan, to search for the traces of the syndicate he lives with his little fri…

Please help in islam

Man is a social being, meaning a being who can not live without the help of others. Humans as God's creatures, nothing is perfect and can not match the creator. No man can live on his own without the help of others, as rich as any treasures he possesses.

1. Hadith history of Muttafaq Alaih

المؤمن للمؤمن كالبنيان يشدبعضه بعضا (ثم سبك بين اصابعه)

Meaning: "A believer to another believer is like building mutually reinforcing one with another. (Then Rasulullah SAW closes his fingers). "(HR Muttafaq Alaih).

2. Hadith history of Asysyihaab

المسلمون يدواحدةعلى من سواهم

Meaning: "The Muslims are like one hand against those who are outside them." (Narrated by Asysyihaab).

3. Hadith history Tirmidhi

يدالله مع الجماعة, ومن شذشذإلى النار

Meaning: "Strength disetakan to jama'ah. Whoever deviates (perverts and separates himself) then he deviates to hell. "(Narrated by Tirmidhi)

4. Bukhari hadith

هاتنصرون وترزقون إلابضعفائكم

It means: "You are no help and s…

Meaning Of BestFriend

The existence of a true friend is so important in life. So in the meaning and meaning of a friendship. And very, very not easy to find someone who is worthy and deserve to be a friend of the many friends that we have.
For me personally, the friend is like the morning dew when the sun will illuminate the earth. Feeling when happiness comes to him, I will also jump for joy. When he was sad and wounded, I was able to tear and feel that I did not want him to be hurt. Feel the 'warmth' and comfort while sharing the story. Feel that at every step he is in his memory and always wants to please him wherever he is. True friend is a friend who has no conscience to stab from behind or become a thorn in the flesh and has no sense of envy and envy. Mutual giving and receiving each other without any frills the principle of utilization.
When someone we already consider as a friend, but at one time it turns out he secretly want and do something that basically never thought of us, what to do and …

How to clean the virus through CMD

We need to know before, many viruses that go into the flash with just show the shortcut as we too often put the flash into reckless computer / laptop.
We need to know how to remove the virus shorcut, let's try ...
We must first know what is CMD, CMD is short for Command Prompt. One of the benefits of CMD is to help computer users in anticipating and protecting a computer that one of them is through flash media. Here's how to clean the virus or malware in the flash before it rubs into our computer :
 Open CMD by typing CMD on the run windows box
After open CMD program now type location of our flash, for example flash is in partition G:, then type G: then press enter .... We are now in the flash location G:, type dir and press enter then there are files and folders that are in the directory / partition flash.

Then if there is a virus then there is a file called autorun.inf virus along with virus files that mostly berekstensi. Exe, or ink (Virus copy shorcut), there is also a virus rec…