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About Point Blank

Point Blank can be regarded as one of the most popular MMO FPS game in Indonesia. Developed by Zepetto, South Korean developers, this game has been in Indonesia since 2009. Point Blank first entered Indonesia through the publisher Gemscool, until finally in 2015 and then taken over by famous publisher Southeast asia, Garena. For those of you who have never played and want to know more about the excitement of Point Blank, check out the World Games reviews:
Like many MMOFPS in the world of video games, Point Blank brings the story of terrorist groups with a group of anti-terrorist special forces. First released in South Korea in 2008, it would not be surprised if Point Blank graphics are not seapik like the game Call of Duty or Counter Strike. Although it has a fairly old graphics, images and animations that exist at Point Blank is still fairly enjoyable and quite good enough at a certain level.

Many people judge Point Blank as a "kid game", because the gameplay is minimal chall…

Cars Review

Alongside Cars, the newest addition to the ever-growing and consistently high-quality lexicon of Pixar animated films, comes the predictable video game tie-in. But there's something altogether unfamiliar about this version of Cars, something unexpected from the perspective of anyone who's ever played a lackluster Pixar-licensed movie game before. You see, Cars isn't just a middling cash-in on the license. It's a legitimately fun piece of work that combines driving game components with an open-ended gameworld and a host of goofy minigames that aren't broken, tacked-on, or otherwise unpleasant. It also manages to capture the heart and humor of the film pretty well, thanks in no small part to the great character animation and use of the entire celebrity voice cast from the movie. Certainly there are a few aspects of Cars that feel hurried for the sake of getting the game on store shelves in tune with the film release, but Cars transcends these few nagging issues with …

Landscape in the pindul cave

The journey to enter the cave begins, when I start throwing a tire (float) on the water, I am a little afraid, because I am not very good at swimming and ask the guide to hold the tire (buoy) so I can sit on it. The guide laughed and threw a smile because I think it's funny. after successfully sitting on the buoy I was groggy for fear of drowning even though there was a buoy, at the time it began to enter into the cave, there are many nestling nest in the cave and attached to the ceiling in the cave, but really phenomenon Which is very nice when you see the view from the inside, where the water is very clear and the air is very cool from within, and inside the cave is unique there are 3 types of lighting, the first dark, the second dim and the third brightly lit. In which the third illumination there is a reflection of sunlight from above that pierces the hole contained in the cave.
The shallow depth, which is about 10/12 Meters, is dimly lit with less than 8 meters and brightness …

Trip to pindul goa

while I was in jogja, I was very happy to be in that city, I did not waste my time while in jogja, I spoke to the real person living in jogja, I asked 'where can I enjoy the scenery or beautiful and close tourist attractions? ', He replied' in the area around here not too far there is a tourist place that many visitors, namely in goa pindul '. after hearing the information, I invite my brother to directly rushed to the location that has been given by the neighbor. Not long to travel, finally we arrived at the location of cinders tourist pindul, which is one of the locations that have a mystical story. see the visitors are already crowded to go into the cave, we were impatient and immediately changed clothes and use safety buoy to get into the cave.

First experience out of Eid city without family

One day when I went to Jakarta, I intend to spend time during Idul fitri Eid in last year in Jakarta to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the capital. But I did not expect, I can enjoy a walk to a place that I have never visited, that is to jogja. Enjoying the city of jogja is very fun for me, where it is my first experience to visit the famous jogja city with the most beautiful tourist scenery in Indonesia. I did not expect to spend time to walk with my brother to the 2 regions, namely yogyakarta and semarang. In addition, I can not spend time with my own family during Lebaran, it may make our heart a little restless and sad when not to enjoy the Lebaran to gather with family, but it is a very valuable experience for me, where I try to occasionally Enjoying the beautiful streets of the city and away from the family. but it does not make me discouraged to enjoy the holiday, at least we give news to our own family. Because family is everything to us.

Football matches HUT RI 72 Finally

Finally the last match was held after the celebration of 17 August, a fierce battle ensued on the last day where the Ujung team will face the team, and Pulo team (GAS PULPAS FC) will face the mosque team, where the title of trophy football tournaments between villages , Where their foursome points chase each other and this is the culmination of the game of football in the celebration of 17 August indonesia independence day.
Where points earned from team Ujung 7, team Pulo 6, team Pasi 3, and team Mesjid 5 points. It's really a very careful point struggle, if too pushy would be a disadvantage for the team.
The first match took place between the Ujung team Vs Pasi team, a fierce battle between the two teams, attacking each other so the golden opportunity created from the team, through the right corner kick of a chance can be utilized and the goal scored from the team created by the attacker With a volley, the score was changed to 0 - 1 until the first half was completed, the second…